"The Session is the governing body of each Presbyterian Church.  The Session is made up of 15 "Ruling Elders" elected by the congregation and Ordained to serve as leaders.  While Ordination is a lifetime appointment, each elder only serves for three years in any one term of office.  The Session committees listed below are open to participation by any member of the congregation who is interested and willing to serve in the life and ministry of our church."      

Committees of the 


We are a worshiping community of disciples of Jesus Christ seeking to welcome, equip, transform, serve, and witness as a family of faith.


Clerk of Session:  Rick Thompson

Administration / Personnel / Finance:
Susan Todd, Mike Ellison, Julian Pafford, Jon Coleman

Christian Education:
Annette Patterson, Meredith Liner, Lesley Mitchell

Ron Richard, Mitchell Gilstrap


Mary Fortune, Jerman Disasa

Church Life:
Patsy Adams, Marilyn Buchanan


William Smith, Rick Thompson